My Story

My journey in massage therapy began in my childhood when I would help my grandmother find relief from her back pain. The true revelation of touch and healing came when I enrolled in a Thai massage school in 2011. Over the past decade, I delved into ancient healing arts and eastern wellness principles through extensive travel in Southeast Asia and Central America to study Ayurveda, Thai massage and Mayan medicine.

Inspired by the cultural richness and architectural beauty of the places I explored, I founded Aum Ayurvedic & Thai Massage in Toronto in 2017, a wellness center rooted in Ayurveda principles and influenced by Buddhist temples and Mughal architecture. Although the spa has since closed due to COVID, I continue to offer home-based and mobile services, providing the restorative benefits of massage to those in need.

I am dedicated to harnessing the body’s natural healing abilities and regularly practice qigong, sound healing and meditation. My belief in nature as the ultimate healer informs my approach to massage therapy.

In addition to massage therapy, I find joy in playing the handpan and explore the world of photography. While I also work as a freelance photographer, my true calling resides in the healing art of massage. I am dedicated to my clients, and the work I do fills me with purpose. My clients are a constant source of inspiration, and their well-being is the driving force that motivates me everyday to give my best, and continue to expand my skill set.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for healing with you. I eagerly anticipate the privilege of assisting you on your unique journey toward wellness.